Hawassa Community Project // Hawassa, Ethiopia


Scope: The Hawassa Community Project located in southern Ethiopia is an initiative that financially supports women lead homes in effort to help struggling families within the community. With the money they receive each month, these women are able to send their children to school, put food on the table and allows them to start businesses with the goal of becoming self sustainable.

Contribution: I filmed and interviewed four different women who are beneficiaries of the project. The goal of these short films are meant to show the positive effect the Hawassa Community Project has had on these women’s lives.






Dance with Mweyne Foundation // Nairobi, Kenya


Scope: The Dance with Mweyne foundation was started by Nike fitness trainer, Betina Gozo in effort to raise awareness and increase volunteer participation for children with special needs living in Kenya.

Contribution: I was hired as the creative director for the project to help tell the story of the Dance with Mwenye Foundation. My role within this project is to make two trips a year capturing new content that ranges from volunteer experience videos to updated photo content of the children.

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Hawassa Children’s Center // Hawassa, Ethiopia


Scope: The Hawassa Children’s Project has been a home to children who’ve been orphaned by HIV/AIDS. The center houses and educates the children all the way through college. The goal is to keep the children within the community in effort to shape a better future for the culture. The children’s center is sustained by donors who contribute from around the world.

Contribution: I have been working with the Children’s Center for the past 8 years. My role is to keep the photography of the children & staff up-to-date in effort to share with our donors, showing the children’s growth and overall progress in life. The goal for me is to show the positivity that comes from donating and supporting a child.